Bringing the Blues Community together to fight Homelessness

Blues Aid is a charitable organization intended to raise money and awareness of the homelessness problem. Our focus has been in Philadelphia, my hometown, since that’s where my roots are. We have have partnered with P.E.C. whose focus is homeless single women with children and provides transitional housing for when they come in off the street.

My mother was the lead donor for Rowan House, a transitional housing facility.

We also partner with Project Home, which helps all homeless categories. Project Home administers Rowan Homes, which is the permanent housing we help the mothers purchase and own.

This is not a band aid approach. Like the famous quote says,” If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day; if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime”. That is the philosophy of these two great charities.

Funding combines city, state, federal and private monies. The majority comes from the private sector. Blues Aid intends to reach out to the Blues community for support for this worthy cause. This can be achieved through concerts, t-shirts and other merchandising.

The Blues community is a very caring and generous one whose music is so relevant to this issue. Though presently based in Philadelphia, these charities serve as a national model that could work anywhere. That’s a dream I hope we can fulfill one day.

Jimmy Rowan

To all supporters and friends of Blues Aid, I am back working on getting my website active again. Due to circumstances beyond my control and the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been unable to keep the site active and up to date. Going forward I intend to keep the site up and running on a consistent basis. I apologize for any inconvenience.

We have had and will have a lot of events promoting this worthy cause! I would like to thank Kim Wilson and The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Mark Hummel and his various bands, Anson Funderburgh, Kid Bangham and Jose Ramirez for their support!

Also thanks to The Proven Ones for supporting our cause!

We hope to schedule more events now that the world is easing up. We will also start an online store in the near future, too. Let’s hope 2021 is a successful year for this project.


Blues Aid will soon be selling merchandise and taking donations, distributing the proceeds equally between People’s Emergency Center and Project HOME. In the meantime, please consider donating directly. Thank you.